Complaints Policy

This method pertains to complaints against the Nanoscale Reports editorial staff's policies, procedures, or actions. We appreciate complaints because they provide an opportunity and a motivator for us to improve, and we strive to reply swiftly, courteously, and constructively. Please include the following information in your complaint: journal title, volume number, issue number, paper ID, paper title, and page number.

The following is our definition of a complaint:

Nanoscale Reports is aware of the following complaints:

  1. Complaints about authorship
  2. Complaints against plagiarism
  3. Concurrent publication/simultaneous submission of multiple, duplicate works
  4. Misappropriation of research findings
  5. Accusations of research mistakes and fraud
  6. Violations of research norms
  7. Unreported conflicts of interest
  8. Reviewer prejudice or damaging competitive behaviour by reviewers

Complaints Handling Policy

If the Journal receives a complaint alleging that a contribution to the Journal violates intellectual property rights, contains material inaccuracies, defamatory content, or is otherwise unlawful, the Journal will investigate the complaint. A request that the parties involved substantiate their assertions may be made as part of the investigation. The Journal will decide whether to remove the purportedly illegal material in good faith. A decision not to remove information should reflect the Journal's opinion that the complaint lacks sufficient foundation, or that if well-founded, a legal defence or exemption, such as truthfulness of a statement in the event of libel, may apply. The journal should keep a record of its research and decision. We work hard to guarantee that the Nanoscale Reports, Fitness, and Sports is of the best quality and error-free. We accept, however, that mistakes may occur from time to time.

Policy on Editorial Complaints

The Editor and staff of Nanoscale Reports will make every effort to rectify the situation as soon as possible in the most acceptable manner, including the right of reply when applicable. As much as possible, we will review complaints without assigning responsibility, searching for ways to enhance procedures to avoid mistakes.